Four Rules of WLS

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I came across this on Pinterest. I need to pound it into my head and actually do it. To most it sounds easy, but it's not. If it were, I'd be a skinny bitch again. :-P

"Surgery is only a tool.
A tool is simply a device used to accomplish a task. The tool will not work on hope alone. We must work the tool to the best of our capability."

Four Rules of WLS

  • Protein first
  • Lots and lots of water
  • NO snacking
  • Exercise.

I need all the juju/vibes/prayers I can get.



So It’s Come To This…

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I need to stop beating myself up. It's not getting me ANYWHERE! I've been behaving like a toddler throwing a tantrum. I need to shut up and start listening. I need to do what I didn't do from day one - LISTEN TO MY BODY.

I need to listen to it when it tells me I'm too full to eat anymore. I need to listen to it as it responds to good/bad foods. I need to listen to myself when my brain says "let's move". No more rolling over and going back to sleep or hopping back on Facebook. I need to drink more water, eat more protein and blah blah.  Most of all I need to STOP listening to my negative self. I hope I can or I'll never get anywhere.

MizSmartyPants where are you? I need your help. I need your strength, ambition, humor, and your patience. I need your stubbornness that used to get you anything you wanted. Please.


Still in failure mode.

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It's been... Let's just say it's been too long since I bounced my fat arse back to square one. Aside from wanting to be thinner again nothing seems to motivate me to get off my ass. I'm even seeing a shrink. I'm on so many anti-depressants though that that may be one of my road blocks. Yeah and not getting off my arse and exercising. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD TO GET STARTED?

Do I sound like a broken record? I feel like I do.

I feel so ashamed to be out in public. I don't want those who've seen me after my weight loss to see me now. They don't have to say a word, their eyes do all the gasping and talking for them.

When I put the few items of clothing that actually fit away, I see a closet full of beautiful clothes that remind me of what a failure I am.

I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm looking for a kick in the ass. I'm looking for a job that doesn't have me sit for 12 hours. Within those 12 hours I can't drink a lot of liquid because I can't go to the bathroom when I need to. I feel like all I do is snack.  Oooooh let's talk about transference.

I am addicted to subscription/sample boxes. I have 20 of them shipped to me monthly. I even have a blog about them. I sell Perfectly Posh, but don't do parties or vendor events because I feel like who would want to by from a slob like me? I have a HUGE family reunion coming up in July. I feel my chest just tightening just thinking about it.

Is there anyone out there that is in my same frame of body and mind? Do you have advice besides "Just get off your ass!"


Ipsos ~ Join now for awesome rewards

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FREE Apps That Can Aid In Weight Loss

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Still trying to lose weight, still struggling. I now have an iPhone (not the 5) and I'm slowly learning how to make the best of it. No, I'm not a fan of Apple products. I'm just not. Anyway... Here are some apps that I'm looking into and I thought I'd share.  Click in the picture to take you to the site of the app.


Calorie Count: Food & Fitness Journal (iPad, iPhone, ITouch, Android, Blackberry) FREE

This app gives you a grade for all the foods in enter so you can see when you're making a good decision or a bad one on your food choices.

PRO: Voice-activated logging, bar code scanning and an easy way to enter just the calorie count for an item.

CON: There is a texting option that lets you send a message when you're thinking of eating and sends one back with basic nutrition info for the foods. I can't get it to work!!!


MyFitnessPal (iPad, iPhone, ITouch, Android, Blackberry) FREE

This has a database of over 1 million foods!  You can also input a recipe and it will calculate the calories for you.


PRO: It has a Facebook type news feeds so you can connect to friends/others or find new ones.  Studies show that those dieting with friends lost three times as much weight as those who dieting alone.  INTERESTING. I'm anti-social so I don't know if this would work for me. This may be a con?

CON: The HUGE food database can be overwhelming.


Lose It! Daily Calorie Budget (iPad, iPhone, ITouch, Android, Blackberry) FREE

This is best if you eat out a lot. It has a big database for restaurant and brand-name foods, but it wont have info for EVERYTHING.

PRO: You can pick what nutrients you want to keep track of, such as fats, carbs, sodium & sugars.

CON: You can't enter calories in advance. So it's not possible to log your pizza to see if you should it it or stick to salad. :-(




SPARKPEOPLE (iPad, iPhone, ITouch, Android, Blackberry) FREE

You can plan your meals for a week. (YAY) You can also get calorie counts for prepared meals using their sister app "SparkRecipes".  The two apps can actually be integrated so that the information can go into your daily log automatically.

CON: (To some) The mobile app doesn't have a social network. You can still be part of one on the website though.

I'm undecided as to which one I'll try. They are free, but I don't want to download them ALL. My phone is getting cluttered as is. (Angry Birds anyone?) Perhaps I'll wait until there is an app that combines all the pros of all of these. :-)


Stuck and overwhelmed

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Blogs are supposed to be interesting, and most of all fun.  I just can't get into this one.  I have so much to say, but I don't know where to start.  I have so many ideas, but I don't know if it's suited for this site.  This is supposed to be a blog about my weight loss journey.  I find myself wanting to post all kinds of crap, none of it weight related.  I'm wondering if I should just scrap it.  I mean, is anyone even read this?  Nope, I don't see any raised hands. LOL

I can't blog about health and wellness.  I would be talking out my arse about something I can't wrap my head around.  WHAT DO I DO?  I'm finding out I'm not good at juggling too many tasks at once.  I have 5 blogs and with the exception of one, they are just there collecting cyber dust. I think I'm in over my head.



Do you need more energy? I do!

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If there is ever a zombie apocalypse I'm hiding. Not from the zombies, but from the hunters! More than not,I look and feel like a  zombie. I have subscriptions to 20+ magazines and most of them tell me about how to get energy, but I'm too tired to read them all. I did flip through some though and came up with a list. I love lists. I am lost without lists. Maybe if I compile a list of how to get/maintain energy I'll follow it. Stick to it, probably not, but follow for a while, yes. Until I get tired again. Anyway.. So here is a list of 10 (some are DUH!) ways to get and hold tight to energy. (No specific order.)


1.  Clear the Clutter

Whether it’s paper, an overloaded email inbox, or lots of stuff in your house that you don’t use, clutter can drain you and zap your energy. How many times have you looked at your cluttered bedroom and automatically yawned? Doesn't a nice nap seem more appealing that straightening up that mess?


2.  Stop worrying

We can waste precious amounts of time, energy, and thought worrying. And how much of the time do the things we worry about actual come to pass?

Instead of letting yourself just go round and round fretting, redirect that energy into something positive. Try to pour that time and wasted energy into something more productive: reading, writing, exercising, listening to an audiobook, or whatever makes you happy.


3.  Set Goals

Goals make you feel inspired, motivated, & driven. Goals give you momentum, passion for life, and a reason to wake up every morning excited about what lies ahead of you. Excitement gives you energy. It makes me bounce off the walls! Don't over do it though. It might have a  reverse effect. (A desk filled with lists of goals!)

Note: Good goals need to be specific, measurable, and realistic. Break them down into simple bite-sized pieces.  It makes them much more manageable and doable — and you'll usually end up following through with more of them that way.


4.  Make the Most of Your Mornings

What you do in the first two hours of your morning sets the tone for your whole day.

If you drag yourself out of bed after hitting the snooze button several times, turn on your laptop or phone and waste 30 or more  minutes trying to wake yourself up, you’re not setting yourself up for a day of success.

Think about five things you’d really like to do in the morning, write them down, then commit to getting up and doing them every single morning for the next three weeks.

It will be hard to follow your "five things morning routine" at first, but stick with it and it will pay off. 


5.  Go To Bed Early

If you’re a night owl, you’re already shaking your head and skipping over this one. It may not work for you, but it wont hurt to try.

If you can at all help it: go to bed when you first start to feel drowsy. Don’t wait for your second wind to kick in. Just go to bed — you’ll be glad you did!


6.  Eat Well!

Food is your body’s fuel. If you’re mainly fueling yourself with donuts, candy bars, and carbonated beverages, that is probably the reason you’re feeling lethargic.


7.  Take Vitamins

I encourage you to try to take a high-quality multi-vitamin for three months and see if you feel any difference. If you don’t, at least you know you’re not hurting anything to be getting some extra vitamins and minerals.


8.  Drink More Water (This one is going to be hard for me)

Most of us suffer from dehydration, whether we know it or not. Make sure you’re drinking at least 64 to 80 ounces of water each day. If you think you’re currently drinking that much, track your water intake each day for two weeks. You might be surprised to realize you don’t drink as much as you think you do!


9.  Exercise (This one will be harder than drinking lots of water)

Exercise will refresh you, it will help you shed excess pounds that can be zapping your energy, and it will probably help you be more alert and focused. Plus, as a side benefit, it will likely help you sleep better at night!


10.  Make Sleep a Priority

It’s hard to get sleep when you're mind is racing. Just relaxing can be hard if you feel you have a hundred other things you feel you should be doing.

However, if you don’t take the time to rest, you’ll constantly be running on fumes. Rearrange your schedule, turn off your laptop and cellphone, do relaxing things before bed, go to bed early (if at all possible), take a 30-minute nap in the afternoon, or do whatever else it takes to make sure you are getting good sleep at least 5-6 nights each week

Don’t know whether you’re getting enough sleep? I’ve heard that a good barometer is to see if you’re tired at all midday or afternoon. If you are, you aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Keep extending your sleep at night by 15 to 30 minutes until you no longer feel tired in the afternoon.


Ok so there is my list.  I'm going to print out a shorter version and see how long I can stick to it. Wish me luck!


The BEST class I had while I pretended to be a college student was a Communications class called "Listening". I was dreading that class because I thought it would be dry and boring. I was just grasping at something to take because I was.. Never mind.  Aside from public speaking I ended up loving all of my communications classes. I had the privilege of having the head of the department as my professor for the majority of them. I feel horrible because right now I can't think of his name. I do remember him though. He was so passionate about what he was teaching.  After the first or second lecture I was baffled at how into it he was. Perhaps that's why I showed up to class and, well, listened.


I have horrible grammar skills. I suck at spelling and typing. I have a hard time fully expressing myself and getting my point across. I am awesome at listening though. REALLY listening. Maybe not 100% of the time, but that's by choice. :-)


On a daily basis (not exaggerating) I want to bang my head, as well as others heads, against the wall. WHY CAN'T YOU LISTEN? Not just to me, but to everyone. Can you stretch your imagination and "see" what can fully be accomplished if we'd listen from the get go? Lots of time,anger,frustration,MONEY,and heartache, could be saved. SERIOUSLY!


You don't have to agree with what's being said. You don't have to DO what's being asked of you. You SHOULD however be courteous enough to listen to what's being shared with you. I try so hard to be mindful of others and think how I'd feel if I were in their shoes. I want to be listened to. Don't you?  I want to be acknowledged, in some form. Don't you?


I don't care if you shake your head in disagreement or roll your eyes because you think I'm a dork. JUST LISTEN TO ME.


WLS Failure

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Since my last post about gaining weight, I've gained more. I'm back to my original size/weight. I haven't been posting because I'm so ashamed and embarrassed. How the hell did I let this happen. I feel like I'm in a nightmare! I want to wake up and be thin again.
I could list excuse after excuse, but it's not going to reverse anything. I just need to get back on the horse. it's so cussing hard though. KARMA

In forums I've read about others who have gained or gone as far as having a second procedure done. I judged and judged harsh. So yeah.. Karma.

I know what I have to do to lose the weight AGAIN. I just want to fall to the floor kicking and screaming though because I want it off NOW NOW NOW.



Your eyes are starving, not YOU!

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I found the following poem a few months after my surgery.  I cried.  It was as if the author read my mind.  Someone understood what I was going through.  I wasn't alone!

I wish I would have shared it earlier, but  I  lost the website I found it on and who the author was. I've spent the last hour searching for the poem (no luck) when I remembered I saved it on my computer. I didn't write the website and author down when I copied it. I didn't have any intentions of "borrowing" it for my blog.  If the author so happens to find me, please let me know so I can credit it you.


Relax! It's OK to be hungry.

You would have to eat a great deal and for a long time to backslide far enough to get to your weight on
surgery day. Do not fear hunger. Fearing it gives it control. Fear makes you reckless, because it
makes you feel hopeless. Seize control! Realize you actually ARE hungry because your new tummy is so small, it can't possibly ingest enough nutrition to support your body at one sitting.


Yes, you're going to be hungry often, but DON'T be afraid of that. Go with the flow like a skier. Skiers bend their knees and move their bodies from side to side to keep their balance as they go forward. What we're doing is learning to eat properly as we move forward, to keep our nutritional
balance. It's not easy. I've never skied before, and I've never had RNY surgery before. It's the learning curve. Hang on as you go up.


We no longer have the physical capacity to eat an entire package of cookies at one sitting. That's impossible now. But you can eat one cookie (if you don't go into dumping). You can eat it slowly, and savor it, and enjoy it. And you can have a second and a third, but you're going to find you don't really want the whole package. That's a good sign. And maybe you didn't even enjoy the cookie(s). That's even better. You understand that cookies are a waste of your stomach space, space you should be filling with NUTRITIOUS food; Nutrition to keep you alive. Food is less and less of a recreation every day.


I think exploring is a good idea. You're going to discover that foods don't taste or even 'feel' like they used to, any more. Your tastes have changed. Try fruit when you THINK you have a sweet tooth. The more you stay away from refined sugars, the less you'll crave them. You have more power to stay away these days than you ever had before. But if you do have some, be easy on yourself. So what?


BELIEVE IT! You are NOT going back 'there'!


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